Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where does the certification get me?
Answer: Those passing the NVIDIA Certification exam will be conferred a termless status of "Certified NVIDIA CUDA Developer" confirmed by an official Certificate, a supporting letter with the examinee's grades, as well as an electronic version of the Certificate available on a permanent URL on the certification website.

Question: What is the certification process?
Answer: To get the Certificate, one is required to solve the problems of three types. In Part 1, you have to answer 30 questions with a choice of one or more correct answers in 45 minutes. In Part 2, you have 45 minutes to optimize five simple CUDA-programs. In Part 3, you have one week to port to CUDA a particular sequential algorithm coded in C/C++.

Question: How can I get acquainted with the interface of the certification system?
Answer: After registration, you have an opportunity to go through demo tests asking to perform a small number of very simple tasks from all three exam Parts to fully puzzle out the system features and interface.

Question: How long does it take to pass the exams?
Answer: To pass Part 1 and 2, you have 45 and 45 minutes, respectively, plus additional 20 minutes which can be arbitrarily distributed between these two Parts at your discretion (decision is made when taking the exam). For example, you can have 56 minutes for Part 1 (45 minutes plus 11 minutes of additional time), and 54 minutes for Part 2 (45 minutes plus 9 minutes of additional time). Part 3 should be accomplished exactly in one week, or in 168 hours, while the job typically requires from 6 to 18 hours depending on your experience.

Question: What if the Part 3 job belongs to the domain I am not familiar with?
Answer: In Part 3, you have only to port to CUDA an arbitrary algorithm, already presented in the form of a sequential program, so no prior knowledge of the subject area is implied. Moreover, according to the certification rules, you can change a Part 3 job you are not comfortable with to another one but only once. The new job will be also chosen at random but definitely from another domain.

Question: When will I be awarded the sought-for status?
Answer: After successfully passing all three Parts of the NVIDIA Certification exam, your answers will be checked again in one or two days. Provided this additional check has not revealed any problems, you will be officially awarded the status of "Certified NVIDIA CUDA Developer". We will send you an e-mail with a permanent link to the electronic version of the Certificate (a dedicated page on the certification website). A hard copy of the Certificate and the supporting letter will be mailed to the address you put in at registration via Russian Post in a week after awarding you the status.

Question: What shall I do if one or more questions are incorrect?
Answer: If in Part 1, some question seems to be incorrect, you can comment it describing the potential inaccuracies. However, you are still required to select / prepare the most appropriate answer. After testing is complete, all comments will be analyzed and, in case you put a justified claim, your answer will be marked as correct. Otherwise, the answer you gave after making comments will be assessed on a regular basis. It is worth noting that you should not abuse this opportunity since concise explanations usually make it difficult to understand what exactly, in your opinion, is the problem with some particular question while detailed comments often take a lot of time.

Question: What GPUs will be used to test my software developed in Parts 2 and 3?
Answer: In Parts 2 and 3, your software will be tested on Amazon EC2 cloud node of type g2.2xlarge running under the 64-bit operating system Ubuntu. This unit is equipped with one GPU NVIDIA Grid K2, the CPU Intel Xeon E5-2670 and 15 gigabytes of RAM.

Question: What should I do if I fail to pass the exam?
Answer: You can make another try but no earlier than in three months after your previous attempt. Your grades for the Part(s) you have successfully passed will be accounted so you will have to take only those Parts that have not been passed before. For example, if you have dealt successfully with Parts 1 and 3, to get the Certificate, you will need to perform only Part 2.