By passing NVIDIA CUDA Certification provided by NVIDIA Corporation, MSU CCOE and ttgLabs, LLC, you agree with the following terms:
  • The applicant for the Certificate must not attempt to find any exploits and/or vulnerabilities in the certification system as well as apply any means to attack the system, to hinder its operation, and to obtain access to the system with the rights other than those of an applicant for the Certificate or of an owner of an issued Certificate and carrying out any other misconduct.
  • When performing tasks at all stages of the certification process, the applicant for the Certificate should comply with the principles of academic honesty, in particular, do not rely on the help of other people in any form. In addition, when performing the tasks of Part 1 and Part 2, the applicant is not allowed to use electronic or print resources and information sources, as well as to use search engines. When performing tasks of Part 3, the applicant has the right to use documentation from NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit and similar sources of information, but should not use any whatsoever existing source codes.
  • The applicant for the Certificate may not communicate to anyone else and disclose using any whatsoever means that already exist or that can occur in the future, the contents of the tasks offered at any stage of the certification process.
For any suspected violation of any of the provisions of this Agreement, the organizers reserve the right at any time revoke an already issued Certificate and remove it from the database of issued Certificates with a brief notice to the owner of the Certificate, but without detailed explanation and without entry into subsequent correspondence.